The Story and the World

The Last Day of Rain is a graphic novel set in London, 2091. The world's population has decreased dramatically because of climate change and other unfortunate events.

The world and its characters are an exploration of how the wants and needs of people remain the same as ages go by and circumstances shift.

We get to know this future as we follow Carol, a Londoner born and raised, as she uncovers a political conspiracy.

The Author

Claudia is a comic artist and writer based in South London who creates colourful stories about people who happen to live in the future. Her comics and stories feature themes like climate change and addiction to technology, connected to family, friendship and love.

She came from Portugal to London to pursue a career in coding but soon realised that her true passion was creating stories. She has a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia and a post-graduation in Digital Art and is currently working on her first graphic novel, The Last Day of Rain.

You can find more information on her website!

Plans for the Future

The short-term plan is to finish and publish Carol’s story. But The Last Day of Rain has a whole universe to explore. Once Carol finds her way, we will be following other characters, some in London, others in different parts of the world… and even on other planets!

Besides comics, there will be some short stories here and there, which will explore different aspects of the world.

Tools used

Between the comic, the animations and the website, I used a few tools that were made available by some wonderful creators and companies. None of this would have been possible without them!

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